Housing Finance

Financing Products

The HIT specializes in the development, rehabilitation, or preservation of rental housing, particularly affordable housing.  The Trust has a long history of working closely with for-profit and non-profit developers, housing agencies, members of the mortgage banking community, labor unions, government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) and others to identify and structure the financing needed for their real estate developments. HIT offers:

The Trust offers both credit enhanced investments as well as direct construction and bridge lending.  HIT structures its financing with credit enhancements provided by a variety of sources, including the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Ginnie Mae, government-sponsored enterprises such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and state and local agencies.

The Trust offers the following financing programs:

Union Labor Policies

The HIT requires 100% union labor on all of the construction-related projects in which it invests.

The good-paying, family-supporting jobs generated by this requirement are an important collateral benefit for the HIT’s investors, generating current wages and benefits for the workforce and increasing contributions to pension and other benefit funds.

Union workers add value to HIT-financed projects, assuring that projects are built by highly skilled workers, who are trained in safety to minimize accidents and injury.

Labor Relations Services

The Trust offers developers, contractors and unions a wide variety of services to ensure the success of Trust financed projects. The Trust can: