Terry O’Sullivan General President

Terry O’Sullivan is General President of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA). Since taking that office, Mr. O’Sullivan has restructured and refined the union’s goals, programs, and services by increasing its commitment to member activism, capital strategies, grassroots politics, labor management cooperation, apprenticeship, training and education. In doing so, he has propelled LIUNA to become one of the fastest growing, most aggressive and progressive unions in North America.  Prior to his election as General President, Mr. O’Sullivan served as LIUNA Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager, and Assistant to the General President.

Mr. O’Sullivan also serves as Labor Co-Chairman of the Laborers’ Training and Education Fund, Board Chairman of the LIUNA Charitable Foundation, Member of the Governing Board of Presidents of North America’s Building Trades Unions, AFL-CIO, and, Member of the Executive Council and Executive Committee of the AFL-CIO.

He was elected to the Trust’s Board in December 2019.  He is a proud native of San Francisco, California, where he joined LIUNA in 1974, and is a long-time member of LIUNA Local Union 1353 in Charleston, West Virginia.