Officers / Key Staff

Executive Officers

Stephen Coyle
Chief Executive Officer

Theodore S. Chandler
Chief Operating Officer

Erica Khatchadourian
Chief Financial Officer

  Chang Suh
Senior Executive Vice President - Chief Portfolio Manager

Nicholas C. Milano
General Counsel

Key Staff

Sondra Albert
Chief Economist

Debbie Cohen
Chief Development Officer

Emily E. Johnstone
Executive Vice President/Managing Director of Defined Contribution Marketing

Thalia Lankin
Chief Business Development Officer

Kevin P. Murphy
Regional Marketing Director

Carol Miriam Nixon
Vice President/Director, New York Regional Office

Brian Norton
Northeast Regional Marketing Director

  Harpreet Peleg

Eric W. Price
Executive Vice President, AFL-CIO HIT
Chief Executive Officer, Building America CDE, Inc.

Katie Rosenthal
Director of Communications

Paul Sommers
Midwest Regional Marketing Director

Lesyllee M. White
Executive Vice President/Managing Director of Defined Benefit Marketing

Stephanie H. Wiggins
Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer