Real Estate Finance

The Trust offers real estate financing programs to meet a range of housing development needs, making the Trust a valuable one-stop resource for real estate finance.

Financing is offered by the Trust for the new construction and substantial rehabilitation of rental apartments, senior housing, and health care facilities, with an emphasis on housing for low-, moderate- and middle-income working families. The Trust also makes financing available for the preservation of affordable rental housing.

Trust financing has contributed to the successful construction, rehabilitation or preservation of approximately 175 projects in the past ten years. These projects have helped communities across the country to meet urgent housing needs, such as affordable housing for working families, independent living facilities for seniors, and supportive housing for formerly homeless persons. Through its financing, the Trust has assisted in the development of affordable housing, including projects that were originally constructed under New York State's Mitchell-Lama Affordable Housing Program, and the transformation of old office or industrial facilities into attractive new rental housing. In many cases the Trust has been successful in including social services such as job training, childcare or after-school programs in its projects.

The Trust’s union labor requirements and its full-time labor relations staff help assure the quality and timeliness of construction work on Trust-financed projects.