About Us

Officers and Key Staff

Executive Officers

  Chang Suh
  Chief Executive Officer/
  Co-Chief Portfolio Manager
  Theodore S. Chandler
  Chief Operating Officer
  Erica Khatchadourian
  Chief Financial Officer
  Nicholas C. Milano
  General Counsel

Key Staff

  Sondra Albert
  Chief Economist
  Harpreet Peleg
  Debbie Cohen
  Chief Development Officer
  Eric W. Price
  Executive Vice President,
  Chief Executive Officer,
  Building America, CDE
  Emily E. Johnstone
  Executive Vice President/
  Managing Director of Defined
  Contribution Marketing
  Katie Rosenthal
  Director of Communications
  Thalia Lankin
  Chief Business Development
  Lesyllee M. White
  Executive Vice President/
  Managing Director of Defined
  Benefit Marketing
  Carol Miriam Nixon
  Vice President/Director,
  New York Regional Office
  Stephanie H. Wiggins
  Executive Vice President and
  Chief Investment Officer

Marketing Team

  Kevin P. Murphy
  Regional Marketing Director
  Paul Sommers
  Midwest Regional Marketing
  Brian Norton
  Northeast Regional Marketing

Portfolio Management Group

  Michael Cook
  Co-Chief Portfolio Manager
  J. Guy Carter IV
  Senior Portfolio Manager
  David Phillips, Jr.
  Senior Financial Analyst