About Us

Key Facts

Portfolio Characteristics

  • Open-ended commingled mutual fund
  • Benchmarked to Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index (Barclays Aggregate)
  • Does not hold corporate debt - substitutes government/agency credit quality multifamily MBS with prepayment protection for all corporates and some Treasuries in the Barclays Aggregate
  • Significantly higher credit quality than the Barclays Aggregate – resulting in principal protection and liquidity
  • Designed to generate superior risk-adjusted returns to the Barclays Aggregate
  • Historical yield/income advantage to the Barclays Aggregate – high credit quality multifamily MBS have contributed to the advantage
  • Can provide diversification benefits from investments that include corporates and/or equities – can complement riskier assets in a diversified portfolio
  • Can be used in Principal Protection/Risk Diversifying Strategies. Tends to outperform Barclays Aggregate in periods of economic stress, such as 2008. Tends to underperform when equities and corporate bonds perform well

Unique Expertise and Capacity

  • Internal transaction sourcing capacity – relationships with mortgage bankers, developers and sponsors, housing finance agencies, community leaders, labor community, public officials, and government sponsored enterprises (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac)
  • Labor relations – the HIT offers services to developers and contractors to assist them in meeting its 100% union labor requirement
  • Customized construction financing structures – can meet the needs of developers/sponsors and HIT’s portfolio

Community Initiative Investing Approach

  • Community investment initiatives are a hallmark of HIT’s investment strategy
  • HIT’s relationships across the housing finance market have enabled it to undertake targeted community investing initiatives that "bring Wall Street to Main Street"
  • Initiatives help cities and states leverage new capital to meet urgent housing and community development needs – while providing the HIT with investments that help generate competitive returns