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AFL-CIO Convention 2017: “Our City” Video Showcases Impact Investing in St. Louis


As part of the 28th AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention, the AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust and Building Investment Trust presented a video showcasing their commitment to impact investing and the creation of union jobs locally in St. Louis and nationwide.

“The AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust and the AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust are two shining examples of how the labor movement can use its resources, influence, and ingenuity to create long term financial security for our members, while making positive impacts in the communities that are all too often neglected,” said International Union of Painters and Allied Trades President, Kenneth Rigmaiden. “[The HIT’s] fixed income investments not only yield competitive returns but create thousands of quality on-site union jobs each year, expand the volume of affordable housing units, and make the communities in which we invest healthier and stronger.”