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HIT and Building Detroit Futures Celebrate the Sale of First Rehabbed Home


The AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust’s (HIT) $2.1 billion MidWest@Work Investment Strategy has targeted economic development and job creation in areas hit hard by job loss, blight, and disinvestment. Through the formation of new partnerships and programs, the HIT’s investments are paving the way towards safer neighborhoods and economic stability in cities like Detroit.

Lina Cammon, a 75 year old middle and elementary school teacher whose roots in Detroit’s Bagley neighborhood trace back 50 years, became the first to purchase and move into a rehabbed home made available under the HIT’s Detroit Neighborhood Home Repair Program. This program is a unique partnership between the HIT, Building Detroit Futures Inc., and other private and public entities.

“I’ve owned houses before, but this is the first one I really feel is my home because I bought it completely on my own,” Lina says about her recent move. “The moment I entered the home when it was for sale, it felt right to me and I envisioned myself living here.”

Building Detroit Futures, Inc. (BDF) is a non-profit corporation sponsored by the Michigan Building Trades. Through a partnership with the HIT, non-profit developer Southwest Housing Solutions, Midwest lender IFF, the Michigan Building Trades, and the City of Detroit, BDF acquires homes in serious need of repair from the Detroit Land Bank Authority at a nominal cost for the purpose of rehabilitation and resale to the public.

The HIT’s successful investment history proves that investing in housing creates economic impacts for communities that reach beyond any single development. The efforts of the HIT and BDF are intended to help stabilize the neighborhood, raise property values, and spur development momentum. HIT investments work to create a cycle which attracts further investment in the communities where HIT projects are located. The MidWest@Work Investment Strategy takes advantage of this cycle, creating concentrated investment for a lasting and meaningful impact. Lina’s sentimental history with the Bagley neighborhood, located in northwest Detroit, provided her with a strong desire to leave her suburban senior living residence and join in Bagley’s rebirth.

“I never stopped loving this neighborhood and I’m thrilled to be back,” Lina says. “I feel in my element and safe here. I’m getting to know my immediate neighbors and I feel we have much in common and are committed to the community. I’m optimistic about the resurgence of our neighborhood and I want to be a part of it.”

The program was also recently featured on ABC News and by our partner Southwest Solutions.