How to Invest

The HIT is an open-end mutual fund valued monthly as of the last business day of the month.

  • Units are sold directly by the HIT without any sales charge (load) or commissions.
  • Purchase price is equal to the units’ net asset value as of the close of business of the major bond markets in New York on the last business day of each month.
  • Funds received prior to the last day of the month are invested in short-term securities until the last day of the month, at which time the earnings are invested in the HIT or, if the participant chooses, returned via check or wire.
  • Funds must be received by 4:00PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the last business day of the month to be invested for the following month.
  • To discuss investing and to obtain necessary forms, please contact:

    Julissa Servello
    Investment Relations Manager

For additional information on how to invest and redeem units in the HIT, please see the HIT Prospectus, which must be read carefully before investing. The Prospectus contains important information regarding the specific procedures and eligibility requirements for purchasing units in the HIT, as well as additional information on redemption procedures. If you have questions about investing in the HIT or want to obtain a copy of the Prospectus, please call the HIT collect at 202-331-8055 and ask to speak with the Marketing and Investor Relations Department.